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Top 10 Most expensive players in history of IPL till now (2008 to 2017)

IPL is best way for players to get entry in the cricket team.IPL is the best and highest earning source for cricket players.As players sold in millions and team full expenses in billions.Here is reconcile Most expensive players from the history of the IPL from 2008 to 2017.This is the best domestic cricket around the world.This premium league started in 2007 and become a big strength to Indian cricket.As a lot of crowd in the stadium and all over the india this game become more expensive.Players auctions are going as far as in millions.This league becomes strength for rangi (domestic cricket level in india) players to show their performance and get direct enter in the Indian international team.Most of the player in the Indian team are direct selected according to their ipl matches performance.

Most Expensive players in IPL history till now

Most Expensive players in IPL history till now

This year 10th  league of ipl matched were played that is starting from 5th April 2016 to 21st May 2016. BCCI make schedule for the matched and Player auctions for new and old teams was on Saturday, 20 February 2017.Here we take round off all session of ipl and get most expensive players list till 2017 players auctions for IPL 10

Most Expensive Players In IPL History From 2008 to 2016

1 Yuvraj Singh $2.67 million Delhi Daredevils 2015
2 Gautam Ghambir $2.4 million Kolkata Knight Riders 2011
3 Yuvraj Singh $2.33 million Royal Challenger Bangalore 2014
4 Ben Stokes $2.16 million Pune Supergiants 2017
5 Yusuf Pathan $2.1 million Kolkata Knight Riders 2011
6 Robin Uthappa $2.1 million Pune Warriors 2011
7 Dinesh Karthik $ 2.08 million Delhi Daredevils 2014
8 Rohit Sharma $2 million Mumbai Indians 2011
9 Ravindra Jadeja $2 million Chennai SuperKings 2012
10 shane watson $1.98 million Royal Challenger Bangalore 2016
11 Irfan Pathan $1.9 million Delhi Daredevils 2011

Why These players are in list of Most expensive players of IPL

#1.Yuvraj Singh [Delhi Daredevils bought in $2.67 million in 2015]

S0 far Yuvraj Singh was most expensive player in the IPL.In 2015 Delhi Daredevils splash $2.67 million on Yuvraj Singh batting and bowling.He is only player who can win match by taking lead.Frenchies of IPL spend so much money on him because he always play strong shots and get in high run rates.Again in 2016 auction Yuvraj Singh in top 5 players list.This year SUNRISERS HYDERABAD spends $1.7 million on Yuvraj Singh.

#2.Gautam Ghambir [KKR bought in $2.4 million in 2011]

Gautam Ghambir at that time played very well in Indian team and get always opening order in the team.After Rahul Dravid he is only batsman who play for long time in the match.In 2011 crazy bidding on Gautam Ghambir and at last KKR buy Gautam Ghambir in $2.4 million.KKR perform very well captaincy of Gautam Ghambir during 2013 and 2014.

#3. Ben Stokes [Rising Pune Supergiants Bought in $2.16 Million in 2017]

Ben Stokes was the Most Expensive player of IPL 2017  Season 10 with a Base Price of 2 Crores. Also with this Bid of $2.16 Million Ben Strokes Becomes for Most Expensive foreigns player of All IPL season. The England Team Allrounder is Bought by Rising Pune Supergiants.

#4. Yusuf Pathan [KKR bought in $2.1 million in 2011]

Both Pathan brothers give a lot to the Indian cricket team , Yusuf Pathan contribute by batting and other side Irfan Pathan by attacking bowling.Yusuf Pathan an attacking batsman in small order cricket so he can play like gayle.KKR bid blindly on Yusuf Pathan in 2011 by $2.1 million.Before KKR in Rajasthan team Yusuf Pathan played 100 recorded runs in just 37 balls.

#5. Robin Uthappa [Pune Warriors bought in $2.1 million in 2011]

Pune Warriors comes new in year of 2011 in IPL and in the frist entry they bid higher on players.They buy Robin Uthappa in huge massive pay of $2.1 million.Their decision for buying Robin Uthappa was pretty good for their team .Robin Uthappa in every match contribute 40+ runs and that makes them easy to win.

#6. Dinesh Karthik [Delhi Daredevils bought in $2.08 million in 2014]

Delhi team performing well but for winning they need something more than they bid on Dinesh Karthik. Dinesh Karthik surprise by order in this top 5 expensive players list in 2014.Delhi spends $2.08 million on his wonderful batting he perform very well on their trust.

#7.Rohit Sharma [Mumbai Indians bought in $2 million in 2011]

A great batsman from the Indian team come that was Rohit Sharma who can win the match on his own shoulders.By his extraordinary performance Mumbai Indians bid high on him in 2011 and buy in $2 million.By this massive pay Mumbai Indians want worth of every penny from Rohit Sharma.Rohit Sharma play wonderful in the team and captained 2 times Mumbai team.

#8. Ravindra Jadeja [Chennai SuperKings bought in $2 million in 2012]

A continuous winning team wants to be a winner always so Chennai SuperKings running on same way and buying one expensive player in 2012.They bid on Ravindra Jadeja and buy him for $2 million in year 2012.Ravindra Jadeja give full worth return of $2 million to the team.

#9. Shane Watson [Royal Challenger Bangalore bought in $1.98 million in 2016]

This year highest bid on Shane Watson that is $1.98 million and that was paid by Royal Challengers Bangalore.From last year he played for Rajasthan royals and that is no way for Watson to give bad performance.This year Royal challengers eye on him.

#10. Irfan Pathan [Delhi Daredevils bought in $1.9 million in 2011]

An Indian Team all rounder who can be a team hero.Irfan Pathan bowling is always awesome and in year 2011 Delhi want his performance used in the team.Irfan bidding price are value adding for Delhi team at last.

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