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Vivo IPL 9 2016 prize money for winner & playoff team

Ipl 9 2016 prize money for winner team will be ₹20 crore. Peoples says IPL is like lottery for cricket players and this is right to be said.In players auctions money is in huge amount for cricket players.This is wonderful starts for any players who get paid in millions.In vivo ipl 9 2016 prize money for winner and teams who reach in playoff get millions of rupees.Final prize for winner team is decided $3 millions (₹20 crore).This year IPL going to stats in April after t20 world cup 2016.IPL is sports brand who organize league matches every year.All over the world players are buy in the teams and play in small t20 formats.This league is most lucrative cricket matches league in the world.The players who retired from the internal team or out the team can play in the team.For those players this is one of the best change to show performance and get entry in the international team.



IPL total income sharing

IPL money factor is always a mystery for cricket audiences but that is quite simple.The IPL total money which included by IPL title sponsors ,partner companies ,TV rights deals and all other sources is equally shared in between all the teams who participate in the leagues.Prize Money of the winner team is not shared in every team.

IPL 9 2016 prize money:

WINNER Team ₹20 crore
Final Match Losser team ₹11 crore
3rd Placed Team in Playoff ₹7.5 crore
4th Placed Team in Playoff ₹7.5 crore
Other four teams ? Other teams those not qualify for playoffs which are not paid money
Do winner team players get prize money ? YES, They get half of the prize money won by team will be distributed in the team players

The Prize pool of IPL 2016 is counted in total of ₹47 crore (as listed above).This money distributed as ₹20 crore give to winner team of IPL 9 session while final match losing team will also get ₹11 crore.Other team which qualify 3rd and 4th place in play-off get ₹7.5 crore each.Other team which not qualify playoff didn’t paid and money.

BCCI/IPL already declare that the prize money of winner team must be distributed in the team player as well in 50/50 percent ratio.This ratio is like one team win the final match than the prize money of ₹10 crore will be given to the team owners and remaining 50% will be distributed equally in the team players.Other than the winner team same rule of BCCI and IPL will be followed.

The players auctions money is their own and at that time they are not paid by international cricket means by BCCI or other country board or by ICC

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